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Why Is The Space Between Doors of Fridge Getting Hot?

It seems shocking to you when part of your fridge, which keeps things cool, is hot. If you have an older, side-by-side refrigerator, this can be a common problem. It will be that very small portion between the two compartments that you will realize is noticeably hot.

What You Can Do

If your refrigerator is cooling but the center panel is getting hot there is a problem. Common causes could be the condenser coils, the condenser fan, motor or the anti-sweat door heaters.

(Do not attempt to troubleshoot any appliance before unplugging it from the electrical outlet. It is always best if you contact a certified technician to help you out.)

Condenser Coils: Keep the coils clean, it is something that should be done every few months. Check coils and if you have not cleaned them lately, (or ever), you will see dirt, dust and pet fur living on your refrigerator coils. The condenser coils have to remove heat from your fridge. If they become clogged or if they are covered in dirt they cannot work as they should. The heat will stay stored in the fridge and the center panel will get hot. A simple cleaning with a vacuum or coil brush should clean them right up. If this problem is not taken care of it will cause other issues with your fridge, such as with your condenser fan.

Condenser Fan: Heat gets trapped when your condenser gets all clogged up. To make up for the excess heat your condenser fan will work much too hard. If this happens your over worked fan could be damaged or burned out. The fan blade can become damaged by becoming warped or broken. If you cannot hear the fan running check for blockages in the way and that the blade itself is intact. If your motor has become damaged it will need to be replaced.

Door Heaters: There was a heater system running through the center panel of older model refrigerators. These door heaters were to reduce rust and condensation. If the panels felt hot rather than warm, it would inform you that there could be a problem with your appliance. Newer model refrigerators now have hot condenser tubing that will conserve energy.

If the problems with your refrigerator persist after checking the motor and condenser coils, contact a trained appliance repair technician in Peterborough to help. They are usually factory trained and skilled to work on all brands of refrigerators. This ensures that irrespective of the brands and issue with the refrigerator, they will be able to diagnose and correct it accordingly.