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What To Do When The Refrigerator’s Light Is Not Working?

For most people, the most frequently used appliance in their home is their refrigerator. Refrigerator keeps your fresh food from spoiling and drinks nice and cool. Minor issues can cause great concern when it comes to this important appliance.If your light happens to not be working inside your refrigerator it may not seem like it is a big deal. It could be a bigger deal than you think, like an electrical issue with your appliance. You need help to diagnose your refrigerator:

Burned out Bulb

Bulbs in the refrigerator do need to be changed. These bulbs last for some time, but they occasionally need replacing.To replace, remove bulb from the appliance. If the bulb has a broken filament or dark areas it is burned out. If it does not have these signs and seems nothing is wrong with the bulb, check the empty socket. It could be a broken or dirty socket. Unplug the refrigerator to prevent electrocution, to inspect the socket.Once the power has been shut off, use a warm, damp cloth to wipe the socket clean. If you determine that there are broken pieces, you should have an appliance repair service person do your refrigerator replacement parts.

Refrigerator Light Switch

The light switch could be stuck if the light bulb seems to be normal.When the refrigerator door is opened the light comes on. A plunger button pops out when the door is opened and pushes in when closed. If debris has gotten all around the button, it could be stuck causing the light to not come on. Be sure to unplug your appliance. When there is no power, use warm water to clean the switch.

Is Your Refrigerator Receiving Electricity?

It could be problems with your refrigerator not receiving electricity. If you have checked bulb, socket and switch there could be other problems concerning your refrigerators electrical supply.Check to see if the unit is plugged in, the plug could have been loosened or even just completely knocked from the electrical outlet. You may have tripped a breaker or fuse. If you have this will result in your refrigerators lost power. You will not only have a light that does not work, you also will have lost cold temperatures. This is serious, and needs professional repairs and maintenance.

Refrigerator Repairs for Premium Appliances

In reality, a refrigerator light that does not work may seem minor. This is not true as it may be a bigger issue that is related to your appliances power supply.You will need to have appliance repair professionals in Peterborough take care of the refrigerator.