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Written by appliancerepairpeterborough

Quick Fixes For Smelly Microwave

It’s not really uncommon to have burnt food smells coming from your microwave. You let that popcorn accidentally burn or set a three minute meal in for 30 minutes. You know that everything you cook in the microwave now is going to have the lingering smell of burnt food on it too.As much as you would like to have a new microwave here are some ideas to getting it back to smelling fresh:

Vinegar: The classic way to clean your microwave was with a vinegar/water solution you microwaved inside. Try this instead for a powerhouse cleaning. Soak a sponge in vinegar and set aside. Coat the top of your microwave with a paste of baking soda and water. Set the microwave on 30 seconds and then wipe down the microwave with the sponge.

Nail Polish Remover: You may not believe it, but acetone-free nail polish remover will kill odors. Wipe down the inside of the microwave with cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover. You will want to get rid of the chemical smell by using the vinegar/water standby a couple of times.

Citrus: Peeled oranges or lemons will rid your microwave of lingering smells. Using a bowl with one to two cups of water and the fruit, microwave for four minutes. Any longer than that and you will be smelling burnt citrus peelings. After microwaving the fruit allow it to just sit in the microwave for a while.

Vanilla: Maybe vanilla is your go-to scent over citrus. If so, microwave four tablespoons of vanilla extract in a bowl. The vanilla must come to a boil. Leave the vanilla in the microwave for about 30 minutes. Then it will be a breeze to wipe down your appliance.

Berries: The fruity smell of some mixed berries may be more preferable to you than citrus. Berries can be microwaved for one to one and a half minutes to leave a pleasant smell in your kitchen.

The Standby: There may be a bit of odor left over so use the old standby, baking soda. Just open a box of baking soda, leave in microwave overnight. It absorbs the odors and leaves the microwave smelling fresh and clean.

Coffee: Coffee grounds in a bowl with half a cup of water and microwaved for three minutes will give your microwave and kitchen a wonderful boost of smell. Coffee is a great neutralizer of odors in the microwave are out of there.

If the smell still persists, it is time for a professional to look it over. Call on the appliance repair professionals in Peterborough and let them clean it using the commercial cleaners. That is sure to eliminate all odors.