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Know These Things About Your Appliance Warranty Before You Get Into Trouble

After you purchase a new appliance, you have peace of mind knowing that it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Well…yes and no. Warranties are far more restrictive than ever and typically only cover your appliance for one year after purchase.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The one-year parts and labor warranty is now standard in the appliance world. In order to get what used to be offered, you now have to purchase an extended warranty. These can often add hundreds of dollars to your purchase price.

Do Your Homework

Extended warranties, however, are not always a good deal if your repair falls under a loophole. You are much better off doing your research and choosing the appliance brand and model that has the best possible customer satisfaction and is known to be trouble-free. This is where it pays to spend the extra money, if necessary.

Buy Reliability

Often, different appliances that are known for the greatest reliability are manufactured by different companies. A manufacturer that produces the most reliable oven may not manufacture the best fridge so don’t feel you need to outfit your kitchen with matching appliances.

Keep These Things in Mind

When you shop for a new appliance, keep these things in mind:

Shop reliability before price. Do your homework and check Consumer Reports and owner reviews.
If you are considering the extended warranty, pay special attention to the details and limits of the warranty and the ways it can be voided.

If you pay with a credit card, some credit card companies will extend the manufacturer’s warranty. Check with your credit card company before you shell out the money for the extended warranty.

Always keep your receipt and paperwork to refer to. Warranty plans change and you need to be aware of the plan you have for your particular appliance. Most authorized Peterborough appliance repair companies will want to see your receipt and your terms before they conduct any repairs.

Always follow the use and care instructions so you don’t inadvertently void your warranty.
After a problem, always contact the manufacturer. Even if the problem arises soon after the warranty expires, it is worth asking if they will still cover it.

Make sure your Peterborough appliance repair company is authorized to do warranty repairs. This is important. If the repair company is not authorized, the manufacturer will not pay them. Then the responsibility becomes yours.

If you have hired an appliance repair company that doesn’t work directly for the manufacturer, the technician is employed by the repair company, not the manufacturer. As a third party, the only thing they are authorized to do is repair your appliance under the limits of your warranty. They can’t authorize any replacement or extend any coverage of your appliance. This will have to be discussed directly with the manufacturer.

Call the Experts

If you require any appliance warranty appliance repairs in Peterborough, contact the experts at EZ Appliance Repair. We are authorized by many of the major appliance manufacturers and can assist you with many of your warranty repairs.