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Is Freezer Ice Makers Better Than Portable Ice Makers?

Ice makers are a great asset to any kitchen. When you have one of these fabulous appliances in your kitchen, you can make ice all the time. Ice makers are convenient for serving drinks at parties, barbeques, or just to get out of the house with some of your own water. Is an ice maker better in the refrigerator/freezer unit or would a portable ice maker be better.

When you think of an ice maker, what comes to your mind? Probably a large sized unit that is built in to the kitchen refrigerator and it weighs a ton, taking up space in your kitchen. Many of the modern day freezers will come equipped with an ice maker that is built in the door or comes with the mechanism inside the freezer unit to where you can get ice cubes any time day or night. This convenience doesn’t cost you a lot of money and you can keep it going with minimal maintenance.

If you like to go around to friends home’s and entertain or if you want to entertain in your own back yard, you will most likely want to have a portable ice maker to do the job. Portable ice makers make a limited amount of ice at one time but it is easy to carry around and simply needs a little time once its plugged up to an electrical outlet to make ice cubes.So which one is better for you? It is important to weigh the pros and the cons with an appliance repair expert in Peterborough, before you make a purchase.

Freezer Ice Makers: The Pros & Cons

Do you have enough space in your kitchen for a separate unit for ice? If your kitchen is small, you may want to opt for a refrigerator/ freezer unit that comes with an ice maker built in. Sometimes the ice maker is built inside the freezer. To access the ice, you simply open up the freezer door and grab enough ice cubes to fill your cup up. When you remove ice cubes from the ice maker, it will automatically sense it and make more. The other ice maker is built into the door of the freezer. This unit can actually take up space, but it is inside the freezer unit and not anywhere else in your kitchen.

If you choose the unit that is portable, you will need to allow for a little space on the counter to set the ice maker on. You will need to place it close to an electrical outlet so the unit can be plugged in. Once it is ready to make ice, you simply add the water that is required and wait for the water to freeze. The ice cubes will be ready as soon as it is ready.

Portable Ice Makers: Space-Conscious & Productive Option

More people are purchasing the portable ice makers in order to not only take them around wherever they go, but to also have the right amount of ice when needed. They can take the ice maker with them, when they go to the backyard to entertain and when they have to go on a trip with friends and family and will be stopping by for a picnic along the way.

Because they are so light in weight, they are easy to maintain and they are usually available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Consider Combining Your Options

You don’t have to choose either one; you can have both and make it work. You can start with a simple refrigerator/freezer unit that will work in your kitchen at all times and then you can own a portable one to do birthday parties or entertaining guests in the back yard or even while you are doing outside chores on a hot summer day and need something to cool you down.