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Do You Have A Dancing Washer?

You may already know this but washers aren’t really supposed to dance. Yet many homeowners experience this perplexing dynamic with their washer. Is it some rare oddity that has infiltrated those stately beasts of the laundry room? No, actually a dancing washer is all too common and easily remedied by a quick DIY fix or your Peterborough appliance repair professional.

A Flood Waiting to Happen

If your washer seems to be having its own little party in your laundry room, it can cause some problems and hazards. Not only will it cause premature washer wear by causing parts to shake loose but it can create a flooding potential. When your washer has shimmied its way loose from hoses and connections, you may end up with a laundry room (and house) full of water. Washer malfunctions are one of the most common water damage issues causing insurance claims today.

Imbalance Issues

The most common cause of the dreaded dancing washer is easily remedied. In most cases, your washer may simply be unbalanced. In the case of a heavy load, the spin cycle can frequently cause the load to throw the washer into a state of uneven weight distribution The easiest remedy is to stop the washer and readjust the items for a balanced load. It may even help to take some of the items out if the load is particularly heavy.

Imbalance can often be caused by the feet of the washer. These feet are adjustable and it is an easy DIY fix. You can use a level to determine if your washer is leaning to one side and not level. Then you can raise or lower one side by tilting the washer backward and adjusting the foot on that side.

Tub Displacement and Components

In some cases, the tub of the washer may have slipped out of place if it has recently been moved. Your Peterborough appliance repair technician will test the internal setting to determine why the washer is out of balance. In other cases where the dancing is accompanied by loud noises, there are several different components that may need to be replaced. In this case, you will want to call a professional for these repairs.

Call a Professional

The washer is one of the most highly utilized appliances in the home. Waiting to fix it will not only make doing laundry more inconvenient and frustrating but can also create a hazard and lead to further damage. When you have a case of a dancing washer, trust your Peterborough appliance pros at EZ Appliance Repair. We can have your washer calm and steady and washing your clothes like it was designed, often in one easy service call.