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Written by appliancerepairpeterborough

Common Problems With Oven Ranges

Although your oven range is meant to last for many years, it might have a common problem occasionally. Some issues might be minor while others might require the expert assistance of an appliance repair professional in Peterborough. They are trained to work on all aspects of the oven ranges. Here we offer some tips to diagnose your range:

Flashing lights with power: This flashing light could be as simple as resetting the clock. This usually happens after power is interrupted.

No power to range: First check power to the appliance. Test the outlet with another appliance into the outlet. If this appliance does not get power, check your fuse box to reset.If another appliance does work in the outlet, check the terminal block of your range. This is the part of your range that connects your homes main power to the range.

Non-heating Range: Other common problems with ranges can be a faulty heating element, a range thermostat or the terminal block could be damaged.

Elements: This could be the most common reason a range is not heating properly. If you have a multi- meter you can determine if this is the issue. The appliance repair professional will ensure that if there is any malfunction, they will correct it.

Thermostats: The adjustment of control and temperature inside your range is the thermostats job. If your range does not heat, gets too hot or food comes out unevenly baked, the thermostat may be slacking on the job.

Terminal Block: Being the main power source to your range, a bad terminal block is a problem. This will cause the majority of your ranges functions to not work.

Loud Fans: Most ranges have two fans inside. One to cool and one to circulate air in the range. A faulty fan will loudly inform you they need replacing.

Range Door Not Closing During Cleaning: The door latch to your oven may be damaged if the door will not close during the cleaning cycle. You will need to have the door latch replaced.

Surface Elements: If range surface elements have stopped working, it could be burned out or the receptacle to the surface unit could be damaged. The elements could be coil type radiant heat. For both type of elements check for breaks, blistering or burned spots.

Surface Unit Receptacles: You may have a damaged surface unit receptacle damaged. This is the part of the range that the surface elements are plugged into, then the heat is provided to the surface elements. If there is no heat being provided to the surface elements of your range then the surface unit receptacles may need to be replaced.